Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day Ten: I Blessings

Better late than never, right? :-) And since technically every day of the year should be a day of thanksgiving, I'm not too far off target. I start and never finish too many things, but this shall be a project I finish!

Today's theme is blessings that start with the letter I:

Inspiration. There's the inspired Word, yes. And that's such a big blessing. But the kind of inspiration I am really thankful for is the kind that displays itself in my day-to-day work. As a graphic designer, I depend on inspiration for creative ideas. And it is when I am really stuck that I can see just where my inspiration comes from! Though I do have an "inspiration" binder full of pages and brochures and logos and letterhead, no amount of flipping through can give me the idea I need. It's only a fresh idea from God's very hand that is what actually turns out to be the very best! I'm so glad I don't have to depend on my own brain for ideas. :-)

Images. Images are what I do. They're what I play with, work with. Even more than that, they're around me every day. My mind thinks in images. God gives us lessons in images (parables, object lessons). Imagine if life had no images... wow. They're definitely one of the beautiful things in life!

Investments. When you invest your money and/or time in something, you link your life with it. What are you investing in? I'm thankful to have the privilege to invest in the lives of young people here at work. Also, in the life of a little orphan girl in Myanmar, and a missionary in the Philippines. I carry each of these blessings on my heart every day!

Infinite One. He never began, He never ends. He is the word forever, embodied. What a blessing to have an opportunity to be connected personally with such a loving Being!

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