Monday, July 4, 2016

And yet we come

Eternal Love, we have no good to bring Thee,
No single good of all our hands have wrought,
No worthy music have we found to sing Thee,
No jewelled word, no quick upsoaring thought.

And yet we come; and when our faith would falter
Show us, O Love, the quiet place of prayer,
The golden censer and the golden altar,
And the great angel waiting for us there.

Amy Carmichael
SDA Hymnal #496

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gentle Savior

So this is basically my theme song for this week... beautiful music, and lyrics that inspire me to keep on.

Where are the signs?
Which way should I go?
I planned each step, but now I don't know.
Tomorrow is a chasm of uncertainty,
But I will go there if You'll go with me.

Gentle Savior, lead me on;
Let Your spirit light my way.
Gentle Savior, lead me on;
Hold me close, keep me safe, lead me on,
Gentle Savior...

Why can't I walk away from my regrets?
And why is forgiveness so hard to accept?
My past surrounds me like a house I can't afford,
But you say, come with Me;
Don't live there anymore.

Gentle Savior, lead me on
Let your Spirit light my way.
Gentle Savior, lead me on;
Hold me close, keep me safe, lead me on,
Gentle Savior...

And when I reach the valley every soul must journey through,
I'll remember then how well You know the way.
I'll put my hand in Your hand
Like a trusting child would do,
And say:

Gentle Savior, lead me on
Let your Spirit light my way,
Gentle Savior, lead me on
Hold me close, keep me safe, lead me on
Gentle Savior

Lead me on, gentle Savior.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


A couple of my good friends from Wat Preah Yesu have dreamed a big dream and acted on it... and God has blessed abundantly.

Kathleen, Khzak, and the grade 9 class.

Meet Hooftrek - a project I'm excited about!

In a nutshell, Hooftrek is a horsemanship program for young people, to help them gain confidence and learn more about themselves and their Father in heaven. There are lots of teenagers at the school and orphanage at Wat Preah Yesu, many of which who need this training experience to guide them through their troubles. It's an awesome opportunity!

Leang riding Khzak

This morning I heard a neat Hooftrek story...

One of my previous students, Leang, is one of the brightest and most diligent kids in his class. He's also one of the quietest. He generally keeps to himself and goes about his business. I've seen him grin a few times, but it's definitely a rare occasion.

According to Ely and Kathleen, Leang has already been spending a lot of time with the horses, learning how to lead, feed, and bathe them (it helps that he lives right next door). Yesterday, while the girls were working with Khzak on their school holiday, Leang came over to visit. He has watched them work the horses before, and has been getting braver when handling them. So Ely and Kathleen took some time and taught Leang how to lunge the horses.

Later that evening, they let Leang be led around on Khzak. The horse was calm and well-behaved, and the hardest part was getting Leang off the horse!

Can you tell?! ;)

Just look at that smile!

There are more details and plenty of neat stories about how God has provided, at the Hooftrek blog over here.

And now it's easier than ever to offer financial support for the program - straight through Jesus for Asia! Click here to head over there. Scroll down the list (about nine down) and find "Hooftrek."

Keep praying for their ministry, that God will continue to lead, provide classroom teachers to fill in for Kathleen and Ely, and guide many young people closer to Him.

Friday, January 22, 2016

God can be trusted

The last six months have turned my life upside down, like nothing else. A few of my worst dreams have come true: 1) not knowing what to do next in life, 2) having to be separated by an ocean from some of my best friends and "children," and 3) my mom being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (you can read her story here). I've had to battle temptations more head-on than ever before, go through some measure of reverse culture shock, and wonder what on earth my purpose in life is anymore. But God is good; He has continued to direct and guide me, even if only in the tiniest of increments at times. As I look back over the last half of 2015 and these first few weeks of the new year, I can clearly see His faithfulness (exhibit A being that my first worst dream was a key lifesaver when the third worst dream happened). My problems don't all appear to be solved now, but I know God can be trusted to carry out His perfect purpose. I am so thankful for Him and the incredible power He gives!

I discovered this song sometime this week, and it's been such an encouragement to me. I thought I'd share it with you...

This Trial

Verse 1
When your faith is running low, and you just can't seem to figure it out,
You know you should keep walking, but you just don't see how.
Don't doubt in the dark what He's said in the light -
He's still the same God in the day or the night!

Verse 2
When your life's a question mark, and your answers are coming out wrong,
You know that God is working, but it just seems so long,
Don't give up on God when He's working on you!
It's Jesus the Son that He's forming in you!

This trial won't define you; it will only refine you.
You know there's a plan, though you don't see it now.
Your God will not forget you; He'll eventually direct you.
So don't be afraid because you can know:
Your heart may be wounded, all your plans adjusted, your faith may be tested,
But God can be trusted.

Finish the course God has laid at your feet.
Never give less than your best!
Pour out your heart, take one day at a time;
God will do the rest!

(C) 2011 Ben Everson Music -

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pieces of art

Meet one of my favorite artists, Melissa Jane. Here are just a few of her pieces of work... I think they're so beautiful! And she just happens to be one of my best friends, too, which makes it extra nice.

"Let Me Tell You a Story"

"Red-Haired Lass"


"Snowflakes That Stay on My Nose and Eyelashes"

If you're interested in more, check out her Facebook or Deviant Art pages. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Summer/Fall 2015

This year has gone by all in a rush. So many things happened. Here's a quick catchup and update...


We jumped into school life after our long holiday, and definitely kept busy. Both classes and outside-of-school things were on the agenda.
A last-minute, surprise birthday party with "the gang"
for one of my students (who is in the dark shadows on the left).
The Grade 8 Tech Studies kids made alphabets, took pictures
of them, and handcrafted messages on the computer.
Tim & Wendy's house got torn down because of termites,
and they began to recreate a new one.
I always enjoy spending time over at the orphanage.
This is Mat Sitha, at house 11, making bok svay (pounded green mango).
Random violin practice. Hey, whatever does the trick!


More of the same...
Hanging out at dorm study hall.

Shannon and Sreya got engaged over one of the holidays.

We had a special baptism ceremony.
There were about 66 baptisms, it was special to see!
Most of my "gang" got baptized. Special guys!

Another birthday-cake celebration.

Laura and I tested out making some Khmer food.
It turned out yummy (though we've practiced more since then)!


July was a month of wrapping up classes, writing exams, giving exams, packing for home, and wrapping up all sorts of loose ends. It flew by so fast, even though at times it felt like it was going slow. And all those goodbyes at the end... whew. Not so much fun.

A birthday party for a student's little sister.
With my fellow volunteers. Fun bunch, these are!

This smiley boy hung outside of my office window a lot!
At the last Pathfinder outing of the school year.
Grade 7 class party just before exams.
Popcorn, bread, and old grade 6 videos made it lots of fun.
Three sweet girlies I love!
Exam time in Grade 8.
Another party - this time after we finished exams!
Lots of goodbyes! One of my grade 12 students.
A couple of fun-loving grade 11 guys.
One of my grade 7 girls.
One of my little grade 7 guys whose family moved away after I left.
A bouncy grade 7 guy!
More goodbyes at my house...
Even the little ones came.
It was not cool to leave. Even the sky cried...
Back home with family at last.
I spent a weekend at YD Camp.
It had been two whole summers since I'd been back!


Fun times at ASI, seeing and catching up with so many old friends!

On a walk with my sweet doggy.

Enjoying my cardmaking stuff again...
Every Sunday night I hang out at my brother's apartment
and play games. Dutch Blitz is our go-to favorite.

Our friends had a double birthday party - ocean theme!

I went to the county fair a couple of times.
Julianna and I had a good time watching part of the horse show!

Great Sabbath evenings spent with friends...

Kids, kids, and more kids + Legos = great fun.


Laura and I have enjoyed FaceTiming more often these days.

A few of my Pathfinder girls at the UCC Pathfinder Camporee.
Christmas is already at Walmart!! I'm so excited!

Now I'm in Canada at my friends' home, enjoying a nice long visit. As for the future... it's still unknown (whose future isn't?) but I'm doing what I can at home while praying for God to lead in the next few months. If things work out I may end up back in Cambodia in the near future. We'll see!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

These days...

April flew right by... I guess time flies when you're on holiday! Here's a photo update on what's been happening during the last while.

Our 2-week Khmer New Year holiday was rather quiet around here, but it was nice to get some extra rest after many busy days of teaching. And actually, even though a lot of the kids were gone, quite a few things happened.

Caleb (Tim's oldest son) and his now-fiancee Savorny had their engagement ceremony in her village. It was a very nice occasion, simple and beautiful!

A family from Canada came to volunteer and stayed through the long holiday. They brought 7 of their 9 children - all boys except for the smallest two, which they adopted from Vietnam. We had a lot of fun with them! They helped to build a playground for the school, put on a spiritual emphasis week, and helped with many other things. All those kids especially provided a good dose of comic relief! :D

How many kiddos does it take
to pump a bucket of water? ;)
Ollie working hard to dig holes for the playground.
Sabbath afternoon under the Maddocks' mango tree.

April equals mango season, as well as many other kinds of fruits. The kids are always after the fruit in the trees!

Shoes knock down fruit really well!
Barang and his prized cashew fruit.

Near the end of our holiday, we had the annual orphanage birthday party, complete with games, Wendy's yummy vegan pizza, and a slippery homemade water slide.

Mun, Yuhan, Sombech
Lots of fun, especially with soap!!

One of the girls and Nhy
We recently began school again, but I only taught my Grade 11/12 English class for about a week before they stopped studying to prepare for their upcoming evangelism trip.

Grade 8.
Grade 9 in the science lab.
On the tire-climbing portion of the new playground.

Grades 11 and 12 are now doing evangelism in a nearby village, Svaysor. Keep them in your prayers as they work!

Sreymao and Lin doing visitation.
Teaching English and Bible.
I hope to share more with you soon about some experiences I've had with students recently. There have been many challenges and yet some blessings that have re-inspired my faith in God.

So yes. It's very busy here! Students and teachers alike are starting to count the months, weeks, and days until we finish the school year. We're nearly there - about 12 weeks left, not including holidays. I'm looking forward to taking a trip home for a month this summer.

God willing, I am planning to return after my visit home, for another school year. There is so much work to be done among the students and I don't feel that my portion of the work is done yet. But... I am still rather short on living expenses for next year. If you would like to help sponsor my work here in Cambodia next year, please contact me via Facebook or e-mail: emmykrishe at gmail dot com.