Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day Seven: T Blessings

T is a good letter. There are plenty of blessing-ful things that start with T. :-) So I shall list them . . .

Tea. Quite nice! I don't drink regular tea but herbal tea is nice. My most recent discovery is rooibos tea, a South African "red bush" tea that is quite tasty. I've already instructed Melissa to bring me back a couple of boxes when she goes over there in a week. :-) There's nothing cozier than a mugful of tea by a crackling fire, or while sitting on a couch with a good book!

Truth. In a class I took once (from Pastor Leroy Moore), I learned the definition of truth: Jesus. The only way to really understand truth is to look to Christ. Truth is what He thinks. Everything He thinks is truth. When He speaks, what He says materializes. God cannot lie! That is such a special thought to me. This means that every promise in the Bible is pure power. God is with me. He will protect me. He will change me. He can do (and will do) all He says He will. What a blessing indeed!

Trust. There's nothing like the knowledge that you are trusted. I have experienced that blessing this year, and I treasure it. Not that I'd intentionally do things that would betray the trust of my friends, but I have learned not to take it for granted. It is something to be guarded carefully, a blessing to hold safe.

Time. It's a blessing that it often seems like there's not enough of. It seems as though I'm constantly re-checking my priorities to make sure that it's not wasted. The time I am given is a gift, and it is needful to use it in the right way. I am thankful for the time I do have!

Thankfulness. Yes, thankfulness itself is something to be thankful for. :-) It gives peace and happiness to my heart. I have a running list on my iPod of those everyday things that bring me joy, and I love looking back at them and being reminded of the happy things in life!

Transformation. I can't change myself, so what a happy thing that God can transform me!

Technical support. As I sit here pattering away on my iPod, my friend Tony is working on my computer. I have a good knowledge of the software that runs on my computer, but the inner workings are a bit of a different story. So, at times like these, I'm thankful for willing friends who gladly fiddle with life before the welcome screen. :-)


  1. I'm enjoying reading your blog each night! You mention a list of everyday things that bring you joy. Might this have anything to do with "One Thousand Gifts"? I too have a joy list of things thankful for. Today I wrote down #500 :) It's changed my life!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it, it's fun to write! :) I have heard of "One Thousand Gifts," but my list is just a personal thankfulness list. It does seem to change lives - I've seen it more than once! :)


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