Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day One: Great Memories & Thankful Things

Great memories. Hm...

I switch over to Google Calendar and click arrows back to January...

* * * * *

Jessica to Do and Dare Camp. Aha! Great memory there - the rest of us girls at home were afraid of getting sick from wintertime bugs that were making their rounds, so we ate a ton of garlic the night that Jessica came home. And then I had to go pick her up from YD... oops. Sorry! ;-)

Or the day I finally sent the Sabbath School bags off to Voice of the Martyrs after a whole year of them sitting in my car, then my room, then the shed, then my car again. What a good feeling to have that done!

An evening meeting with the elders, about evangelism plans for the new year - resulting in a two-quarter-long evangelism training class that I'd been wanting to do for a long time. Exciting things began happening!

A visit to the Martins' home. (Need I say more? It was relaxing and a lot of fun, as usual.)

A trip home to Walla Walla with the girls for my birthday. :) We were surprised with amazing weather for February - at least 60 degrees!

Jury duty day, which resulted in a surprise meet-up with Sammy, and a lunch in the park with her. (She was chosen to be on the jury; I wasn't.)

Planting baby seeds for the first time indoors with grow lights. So much fun to watch them sprout!

The beginnings of Acts memorization. I'm not up to date by any means now, but I learned that it's not hard at all to memorize several chapters within a couple of months! I will be trying that again next year, I'm sure. :-)

Roller skating in Spokane; watching little friends attempt and succeed. And skating around a rink with a little hand hanging on for dear life... special times!

Cami's graduation warranted another Martin visit. (with Brown twins, too!)

A last-minute acceptance of an invitation to Sammy's birthday party. (So glad I could go!)

Cheyenne's surprise visit. Yup. Memories made. ;-)

YD Camp 2012... last fun times with Nathan, and new friends made.

Camping with Melissa and her brother and boyfriend. (Kyle, I think that one went south...)

A last-minute dash to NWYC that resulted in me participating in two nearly-impromptu special musics. Great friends!! :-)

A camping trip with my family to the middle of nowhere.

Looking at stars and galaxies through Josh's telescope. There are some pretty awesome "fuzzies" out there! ;-)

Answered prayers in regards to future plans.

* * * * *

Ah, time does fly. But these memories put a smile on my face! God really has been so good this year, in spiritual matters, and plain old life. :-)


  1. Loved getting a glimpse into your year. It sounds like a wonderfully busy time with lots of good fellowship. Looking forward to your next post! :)

  2. What a great list! You've almost inspired me to start noting everything that happens on my calendar. :) I got a chuckle from the "going south" comment. :D

    1. :D I note everything in advance so I don't miss anything - so there's plenty to look back on after things occur. Haha... ya, that was one camping trip I won't forget. :) Fun times!!

  3. Wow! What a great year! Looking back at memories and moments is always so much fun.

    1. It really is a lot of fun! I should do it more. :)


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