Thursday, May 30, 2024

Just a Teensy Update

 Hi friends. It's been... a while.

Here's a super quick rundown in case you haven't seen me on any other type of social media over the last seven years:


A very weird year, but eventually I began dating my now-husband Ney
(I had met him in Cambodia 5 years before - see if you can spot him in this post ;) - hint: I referred to him as the "mission youth pastor")


Married my husband in Walla Walla before we moved out to Berrien Springs, Michigan for him to return to school at Andrews University.


Had our first baby (during a pandemic).


Moved to Montana for my husband's first pastoral position. We left some amazing friends back in Michigan!


Had our second baby (to put it very short!).


Moved to my husband's second pastoral position. Also, we took a trip to Cambodia and Thailand for the first time since before we got together. Ney hadn't been back to Asia since he had originally left seven years before! I hadn't been there in about six years. And the kids had never met their Cambodian family. We loved our trip and already miss the warm weather and the beauty of the Southeast Asian culture.


Lots has already happened, but one of my biggest bucket list items finally came true: I saw a terrific aurora borealis (northern lights) show right off my back porch!! It was incredible and I hear it was the best in 20 years so I'm very glad I was able to see it. Additionally, this summer, Ney will finally be sworn in as a US citizen. We will finally all use the same passports, which is so exciting and reassuring. I have a feeling we'll do a bit more international travel once that happens!


And here we are. Life is very different from what it was ten years ago in Cambodia! I miss those days and we still hope to someday return to Southeast Asia. But for now, God has stationed us in Montana and we are (still) learning to connect with the people here.

Ney, while busy with his pastor's work and of course his family, is busy working on his doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Andrews University. I am also working on school as I never finished it when I was younger - I'm doing a BA in Graphic Design and Media Arts through Southern New Hampshire University. (Totally recommend it.) I'm also working on the side, though it's hard to fit much onto my already busy plate.

Our kids are still little but they are growing up so fast. They love hanging out with their friends at and outside of church.

Lately I dropped social media because, ugh. It's so annoying and I was due to do that a long time ago. I do miss people though so I'm going to try and share here occasionally just for fun.

If you are still following blogs (who does anymore?) I'd love to hear from you. Drop a comment below to let me know what you are up to!

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