Tuesday, March 8, 2016


A couple of my good friends from Wat Preah Yesu have dreamed a big dream and acted on it... and God has blessed abundantly.

Kathleen, Khzak, and the grade 9 class.

Meet Hooftrek - a project I'm excited about!

In a nutshell, Hooftrek is a horsemanship program for young people, to help them gain confidence and learn more about themselves and their Father in heaven. There are lots of teenagers at the school and orphanage at Wat Preah Yesu, many of which who need this training experience to guide them through their troubles. It's an awesome opportunity!

Leang riding Khzak

This morning I heard a neat Hooftrek story...

One of my previous students, Leang, is one of the brightest and most diligent kids in his class. He's also one of the quietest. He generally keeps to himself and goes about his business. I've seen him grin a few times, but it's definitely a rare occasion.

According to Ely and Kathleen, Leang has already been spending a lot of time with the horses, learning how to lead, feed, and bathe them (it helps that he lives right next door). Yesterday, while the girls were working with Khzak on their school holiday, Leang came over to visit. He has watched them work the horses before, and has been getting braver when handling them. So Ely and Kathleen took some time and taught Leang how to lunge the horses.

Later that evening, they let Leang be led around on Khzak. The horse was calm and well-behaved, and the hardest part was getting Leang off the horse!

Can you tell?! ;)

Just look at that smile!

There are more details and plenty of neat stories about how God has provided, at the Hooftrek blog over here.

And now it's easier than ever to offer financial support for the program - straight through Jesus for Asia! Click here to head over there. Scroll down the list (about nine down) and find "Hooftrek."

Keep praying for their ministry, that God will continue to lead, provide classroom teachers to fill in for Kathleen and Ely, and guide many young people closer to Him.

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