Friday, June 3, 2011

Of children and orphans

Somehow, this morning my mind ended up thinking about children. Maybe it's the fact that our community kids' program is tomorrow afternoon. Or, it could be that I dreamed I had a baby last night (he was so cute!). Maybe that was it. Anyway, whatever the case, I couldn't stop thinking about it, but in a different way than I usually do...

I want to help the orphans. For some reason, the thought of me bringing another child into the world while there are so many out there in need is disturbing to me. I don't mean any offense to those who already have kids or plan to, since I myself am product of it! ;-) But somehow... God has spoken to my heart.

“If those who have no children and whom God has made stewards of means would expand their hearts to care for children who need love, care, and affection, and assistance with this world's goods, they would be far happier than they are today.”

“There is a wide field of usefulness before all who will work for the Master in caring for these children and youth who have been deprived of the watchful guidance of parents and the subduing influence of a Christian home. Many of them have inherited evil traits of character; and if left to grow up in ignorance, they will drift into associations that lead to vice and crime. These unpromising children need to be placed in a position favorable for the formation of a right character, that they may become children of God.

“The Lord said to Peter: ‘Feed My lambs.’ This command is to us, and by opening our homes for the orphans we aid in its fulfillment. Let not Jesus be disappointed in you.

“The work of saving the homeless and the fatherless is everyone's business.

That includes me. And you. What will we do about it?

(all quotes from Adventist Home, pages 167-170)


  1. You know, that is a good point. One I have thought of a lot. Maybe not for everyone, but think of the good we as a people could do for these poor, neglected orphans by giving them a home!

  2. What a mission field. . . :)

  3. And it's not as easy or dreamy as it may seem to you right now..... a mission field indeed!!!

    Ask me.
    I know.
    Blood, sweat, and tears.

  4. That is true. I'm sure I won't realize the full intensity of it until I'm actually there... but I'm thankful that God gives grace for what He calls us to do. :-)


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