Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Advent Calendar - Day 24

Well, ironically, I don't actually happen to have much interesting to share on Christmas Eve. But it was a lovely time that I did have! I know most of you are still just starting your day, but I've just finished mine.

We had our Christmas Eve program at the Riviera hotel in Siem Reap tonight. The kids did a lovely job singing and playing their songs. They were so cute, too! I'll have to share the video when that happens. :)

On our way home from the hotel, we got to see the Christmas lights on all the other hotels in that part of Siem Reap. The kids loved it, and it felt rather festive too. Fun!

This is probably the most un-Christmas-ey season I've had in my life, and yet it is so happy. I am so blessed to have my students around me. They outweigh any gift I could ever have. :) It's such a reward just to have their trust and friendship!

With that, I will finish this Advent Calendar. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and rest of the month, until New Year! May God bless you all!

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