Friday, December 19, 2014

Advent Calendar - Day 19

Here are some photos from Grade 10's Christmas party, to which they so graciously invited all of their teachers. It was a lot of fun. We had worship first, and then they exchanged gifts to their prayer partners, and then we had food, and then a ton of pictures (definitely Cambodian style!). What a special evening it was!

(Photos are thanks to Ely.)

Worship time = music and talking about Christmas.

We said goodbye to one of our long-term volunteers, Anne.

Ely and the guys.

Me and the guys!

Lots of lovely food. Curry, stuffed rolls, fruit, bread... yum!

Kat, Nak, and I.

We also said goodbye to a couple who has been volunteering
for several months. They will be going to LIGHT school in the Philippines.

Yuhan, Thamai, Seitha.

Yuhan and Laura.

Thamai and Sophy. Sweet girls!

They're all a fun-loving bunch!

We pretty much just had a blast getting to spend time playing together, Ah, good times.

5 days until Christmas (Eve)!


  1. Is that Khone in the first photo? I met Anne for the first time when she returned to the Philippines in December 2014. Auntie Ranee and Uncle Peter! I heard that Dennis and Ever lived in the house they vacated. Guess what, the Selufskys lived in what used to be the Moranos' house in LIGHT Philippines. Swap! :-)

    oh, prayers for everyone. Especially for the one-month training being conducted there.


  2. That's actually not Khone, but it does look like her in that picture! Haha, that is interesting how they swapped houses. :) Thank you for your prayers, they are much appreciated!


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