Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are you watching?

What will it profit us to cherish pride of spirit... 
and pray for humility? 

What will it profit to seek eagerly the friendship and applause of the world...

and pray for heavenly affections?

What will it profit to indulge in passionate temper and un-Christlike words...

and then ask for the meekness of Christ? 

This is not watching unto prayer.

In the lack of that faith that works by love and purifies the soul 

lies the secret of unanswered prayer.

If the church will arise in the strength of God to meet her responsibilities, 

consecrating to God every power,
the Spirit of the Lord will be poured out in rich abundance.

—from Manuscript 35, January 8, 1893, "Publishing Work."

Oh, to know Him... to know His grace.


  1. What in the world?! I think we just read this for family worship! =D So, so true!

    1. :) It was from The Upward Look, today's reading (I get it to my e-mail). So if you're reading through that, then that's probably why!


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