Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day Four: E Blessings

Some of this year's blessings that begin with the letter E...


Without them, it'd be hard for me to see. And I finally got a new pair this year (plus some contacts, which I actually wear more often, but those don't start with E)! It's so wonderful to be able to see stars, faraway signs, and . . .

Extraordinary mountaintop views.

Views like these make climbing steep hills worth it! Not to mention spending the time up there with good friends. This particular trip, we spent 2-3 hours up there, just talking. :-) Fun times!


Yes, this year has produced much of this, as is usually the case. :-) A new garden, car troubles, another year of figuring out taxes, and many more things have given me experience in these areas. I'm glad I'll know how to work with (and deal with) more things in the future. :-)


No, I'm not one myself. But I have many friends and family around me who are! So I can be thankful, indeed, for those who bring bounciness to my life. :-)

Every moment that makes me think.

Like the time I (finally) re-found the little cemetery out on the prairie where my grandma is buried. The quiet breeze over the tall grass... the small dust-covered stone with roses, engraved on it... made me think about special memories with her. Black nights with twinkling stars overhead... made me remember how tiny I am; how vast God is.


Do workbees ending in a huge bonfire count as exciting? I think so. :-D And excitement about upcoming trips and events, victories achieved... ah. Blessing indeed. :-)

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