Thursday, March 26, 2015

Facts about Cambodia

I'm just making a quick stop here to share a link to a website. I read this article this evening while searching for information for my upcoming Geography 8 class, and I thought it was a rather accurate description of Cambodia, complete with pictures and videos. I think you'll enjoy it. :)

Note: The guy in the tuk-tuk with his feet up is actually being rather rude without realizing it - you're not supposed to point the soles of your feet at people...

Note #2: His toilet picture is most definitely not true of "most bathrooms." This is a little more like the real deal, though not usually as shiny and white in most public places.

Part of our local morning market

These days, teachers and students alike are counting down the days until Khmer New Year (a 2-week vacation). It's coming soon - only a week away!! We are very ready for a break from school. When it arrives, hopefully I can update again on things that are happening here.

Sending love from afar!

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