Sunday, June 2, 2013

No keys

Friday I cleaned out my purse and switched to a different one for the summer. Sometimes it's nice to have a change and downsize a bit...

As I went through the collection of random objects in my regular purse and placed the actually-needed items into the other one, I realized that my key ring was kind of bulky and could be smaller to fit better into the purse. So I took off a couple of ornaments and unneeded keys. Then it hit me - the only key left on my key ring was to my car!

I never had the biggest key collection ever, but I had a bunch. A couple to the front door, one to the back door (which didn't actually work), one to the church, one for my office (plus the blue plastic thingy to turn off the alarm there), one to my parents' old house...

When I left YD, I returned most of my keys to their respective owners. House keys to Jessica, church key to Kezzia (since she needs it), office key to Tony. This diminished my supply, but I still had a couple left. The extra unneeded ones were taken care of later, and that's how I ended up with only my car key.

However, the plan is to sell my car, too, before I leave for Cambodia. When that happens I'll have no keys, except those I borrow on occasion to unlock the house or use the family cars.

It's an odd feeling; a bit unnerving. I never realized just how much keys are a security to me. They guarantee transportation, a roof to live under, a church family, a steady job. When you take those away, well, one realizes that no place is home, the world is a journey, God is their trust. There's not much room to just settle down. Life like this isn't average... it's quite an adventure!

Enjoying the journey...

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