Sunday, November 20, 2011


You may be aware that I love to collect real-life quotes. I love to record things people say that have the ability to make me laugh more than just the first time I heard them said; and things that are so profound that time seems to stop for a moment once they're spoken. Below is a compilation of my favorites from this second category. I hope you will be blessed as much as I was...

"The unfaithfulness of man limits the goodness of God." -Tammey Steenson

"The parable of the glove. Faith is like a glove. It won't work unless you put it on." - Don Mackintosh

"Your job is to get your best friend to heaven." - Rich Kollenberg

"Why is it that when God is leading, we become afraid?" - Ted Wilson

" 'Normal' is described in the book of Acts." - Don Mackintosh

"Don't ask, 'Why did this happen?' but 'How can I draw closer to You?" - Wes Peppers

"Constant giving will starve selfishness." - Eric Flickinger

"You don't find happiness by looking for it. You find happiness by being the right kind of person." - Alan Parker

"Nothing is really ours until we let it go." - Janet Evert

"Jesus doesn't need men and women who merely esteem Him as great, but believers who are willing to be made great by His life." - Eric Ludy*

"The reason God can call obedience a condition for eternal life is because it's His power and not mine." - Jim Brackett

"As long as I stay yielded, burdens lifted, light given, and a character transformed are tangible realities!" - Melissa McLeod

"You don't pray all night so you can get something out of God, but so God can get something out of you." - Alan Parker

*Actually a quote from a book, not spoken.

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  1. Love them all! I really liked the one, "Jesus doesn't need men and women who merely esteem Him great..."


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